Basic Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Evaluation of knee joint from Evidences

There are two parameters to know whether patient needs  knee replacement or not acording to guideline of cpd-uk    
1 Static malatignment
2 Dynamic malatignment

 If patient fialed in static malalignment then he/she has to do knee replecement that means patient has structural or bony deformity.

 If the patient has normal static malalignment then I should go for second parameter, that means patient does not need knee replecement.

 I will find out exactly which muscles not behaving well with the knee joint .

 I should quire that muscles properly because i am the doctor of muscles.
After examine tha petient according to the guidline of cpd-u.k, I can tell patient how much time and cost require to stop knee replacement.


knee Evaluation from the evidences

During the evaluation of knee from evidence, we also have red flags ( contra-indications ) for investigation or referral that means red flags in history that may indicate further investigation or referral
After that we have four outcome meusures with the help of outcome measure. We will decide severity of condition ( knee ) and how much patent recovering
Then finaly we have standard goal setting to stop knee replacement according to guideline of  cpd - u.k.

We have three phases, phase - 1 , 0 - 3 Week ,Phase -2, 3 -6 and Phase -3 more than  6 weeks
Minimum Time taken to stop knee replacement is 6 weeks and maximum time depend on severity of conditions.

I am commited to stop knee replacement beacause i did it since 2005.  

i have stop the knee replacement of these patient given below...... 

Treated Successfully in Ahmedabad

My Vision

To Eradicate total Knee Replacement from the Earth.

My Mission

To Stop Knee Replacement as many as Possible.


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