About Me

I am a the Doctor of Muscles.

I am a Only One and First Physiotherapist in the World Who Avoided Knee Replacement Since 2005. I Provided Evidence Based Physiotherapy for Knee arthritis Patients.

I Offer Direct Access to Wide Range of Special Techniqurs of Physiotherapy that Knee Arthritis with more Complex Condition can receive Radical care within one Units.

Every Arthritic patients want to do every Possible effort to walk Pain free and Properly.

My Own S.S.T Technique is the best way to get rid of the Knee Replacement.

Treated Successfully in Ahmedabad

My Vision

To Eradicate total Knee Replacement from the Earth.

My Mission

To Stop Knee Replacement as many as Possible.


More than 3 Lakhs OPD Patients


More than 1 Lakhs Home Visit sittings

The Doctor



Dr. Prakash Bajuji is dedicated doctor of Muscles with around 15 years of Experience in preventing total knee replacements.


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapist
  • Senior  Physiotherapist

Passing Year 2005 from K.M. Patel Institute of Physiotherapy-
Shri Krishna Hospital Karamsad.

Work Experience

  • Former chief physiotherapist Reshambhai hospital shahibaug(2005-2007)
  • Former chief physiotherapist Satyamev hospital chandkheda(2008-2014)
  • From 2015 to till now running my Own Clinic.

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